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Superinsulation Using Double Walls

Most people are aware that homes built in the last 15 to 20 years have made some attempt to be energy efficient. However, there has been significant increase of builders and consumers raising the bar to achieve Superinsulation. No, ‘superinsulation’ does not have a cape, or a big S on it. It is also not ...more

overheard BY EVERYBODY from Rescue 1:

  “I’ll tell you what the problem is. The chief is an idiot, the fat bastards in the station don’t know CPR from CPWHO, minorities are running city hall and the streets are full of crackheads.” “Fire Alarm to Rescue 1″ “And these assholes couldn’t dispatch a dumptruck to pick up a pile of shit!” ...more

“Go” Versus “No-Go” A Brief Look into Survivability Profiling     The concept of running into a burning building is not a new one to most firefighters.  Of course, depending on your department’s SOPs, manpower, staffing, etc, things will be different.  This article discusses the critical decision of “Go” or “No-Go” when first pulling up to a structure that is on fire.  This ...more

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My List - What Is Yours?

My List - What Is Yours?
If my life were to end tomorrow in some sort of fiery automobile or airplane crash and I was to list the 10 most important parts of my workout life; ...more

Labor Rights Are Human Rights

Labor Rights Are Human Rights
Yes, Happy Labor Day Should Barack Obama, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul all agree that we have the right to band together to fight for decent wages and benefits for working ...more

Twelve Quotes Worth Quoting About Teamwork

1.         If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. - Mark 3:25 2.         One step by 100 persons is better ...more

Got Generational Issues?

Got Generational Issues?
You too could be roadkill. Photo courtesy of The new reality for leadership is that traditionally-run organizations, as they focus on control and rigidity, lose the ability to move ...more

Leadership Thought for the Day: How to Measure

Don't measure yourself and success against what others have done. That is not a true evaluation of your achievements. Rather, measure yourself against the positive differences you have made in ...more







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